What is SNN?

Saugus News Network, also known as SNN, is an association of smart, sedulous, skillful students who have banded together to scintillate within an ever darkening campus. Imbued with a cornucopia of technical, artistic, and charismatic skills since entering this institution, we students illuminate dreary school mornings and banal events with mesmerizing audiovisual displays of informative and entertaining media via the conduit of the television. With a concerted effort, we serve the psychological yearnings of the student body, all in all pushing forward towards one single goal – to broadcast journalism.

So What's New?

With our new website in place, it's now easier to get what you want, whenever needed. All of the SNN shows aired in the past week will now be available for viewing on the Daily Videos page. Birthday greetings are now able to be submitted via the Submit page. There is even a new gallery that lets you discover what really goes on in D5 (we're not sure if that is a good thing or not :P).

SNN's "My Future So Bright I Gotta' Wear Shades"