Book Returns Are Coming!

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All books must be returned to the Library--no drop offs at the front gate or office.

NO consumable/disposable books or packets will be collected, and should be kept for summer school, if needed, or disposed of at home:

MyPerspectives English 9, 10, 11

Living Earth Biology Reader

Algebra 1 Student Edition

HART interactive math notebooks and packets


Senior books are due on or before Friday, May 28th, 3 pm

Underclassmen books are due on or before Thursday, June 3rd, 3 pm

Book Return Schedule

Mission Statement: As Saugus High School prepares its students for the challenges of the future, the Library Media Center is committed to developing students who will graduate as responsible life-long learners, who are information literate, and who recognize the importance of information access to a democratic society.

Monday - Friday 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Hours subject to change without notice.